Telugu Post Wedding Day Customs

Telugu Post Wedding Customs

After completing all the rituals of pre-wedding and on wedding day, the bride and the groom have to perform various post-wedding customs. In Telugu traditions, post-wedding day customs have significance in the married life of the couple. The groom's family would seek to welcome the bride in grand way so that she can feel comfortable at her new home. There are many traditional ways of welcoming the bride in Telugu weddings. In these traditions, the newly wed couple along with their relatives and friends actively participates. In the following lines, you'll come to know about the Telugu post wedding day customs.


All the wedding day customs are performed and now the bride has to go to the groom's home. This ceremony is referred to as the 'Grihapravesh' in the Telugu tradition. Once arrive at her new home, the bride is welcomed by the relatives of the groom, particularly his sister and mother.

Tying the Mangalsutra

The ceremony of Grihapravesh is followed by the custom of tying the mangalsutra. In the typical Telugu traditions, the groom or any elder member of his family tying the two mangalsutras around the neck of the bride, sixteen days post wedding. During the ceremony, a few black or golden beads are slide between the two 'plates' of the mangalsutra to avoid their clash with each other. The mangalsutra custom signifies the unity of the two families.

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