Telugu Pre Wedding Customs

Telugu Pre Wedding Customs

Festivals or any other events, conducted in Andhra Pradesh, always represent state's culture and traditions. Telugu weddings are no exception in this regard. In fact, marriages in Telugu are like the festivals for the people of the Indian state where the rituals and celebrations have the dominance. Wedding in Telugu traditions is not a one-day affair. In fact, it is conducted in three-categories - pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding customs. In this article, we will discuss Telugu pre-wedding customs.


Telugu wedding ceremonies start from muhurtham custom. In this ritual, the family astrologer fixes the appropriate time and date for all the wedding ceremonies. There is a general tradition in Telugu wedding to avoid the months of Aashad, Bhadrapad and Shunya because these months are not considered appropriate for conducting special occasions like wedding.


The Muhurtham ceremony is followed by pendlikoothuru custom. During this ceremony, turmeric paste and oil is applied on to the bride and groom, at their respective homes, to create natural glow in their face. After taking bath, the bride and the groom are given a new collection of clothes to wear. However, the bride also receives flowers and jewelry.


A few hours before the wedding, a ceremony takes place in Telugu wedding, which is called as Snathakam. It is conducted at the groom's home in which he is asked to wear a silver thread on his body.

Kashi Yatra

Kashi Yatra is a very interesting Telugu wedding custom. In this ceremony, the groom pretends to go on Kashi Yatra by assuming that he is not willing to take responsibility of family life. Soon after, the brother of the bride stops him and persuades him to acquire the onus of a householder.

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