Malayalee Post Wedding Day Customs

Malayalee Post Wedding Customs

Malayalee wedding customs are not confined to just pre-wedding and wedding day customs rather they also continue to post-wedding rituals. Malayalee post-wedding rituals are being performed in the name of grihapravesham and traditional feasting that concludes the entire ceremony with celebrations and traditions. Thereafter, the broom and the bride start their new walk of life. The post wedding customs in Malayalee traditions are as interesting as the previous ones. Hence, here is the brief explanation of Malayalee wedding customs.


After completing all the sacred formalities at the wedding day, the bride is taken towards the groom's home. At there, family relatives and close friends of the groom start preparations for welcoming the bride. Once the bride arrives at groom's home, she is welcomed by the sister-in-law who chants 'aarti' at the entrance. Soon after bride enters her new home and she along with her husband are offered a sweet mixture of banana and milk by the elder members of the family.

Traditional Feast or Reception

To celebrate the arrival of new bride in the home, the family of the groom conducts a traditional feast or reception. The relatives, friends and professional acquaintances come to party and wish the better future for the couple. At the feast party, the guests enjoy traditional cuisines of Kerala and congratulate the groom's family.

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