Malayalee Pre-Wedding Customs

Malayalee Pre Wedding Customs

All the pre-wedding ceremonies are as important as the wedding because it is the introduction of new relationship between the two new families. Similarly, the Malayalee wedding begins from the pre-wedding customs. The families of both the bride and the groom start preparing well before the big event. The pre-marriage days are being enjoyed and celebrated wholeheartedly by the relatives and friends. Here are the customs and rituals that are performed in Malayalee pre-wedding days.


Prior to the wedding ceremony, the parents of both the girl and boy match their horoscopes to examine their compatibility to each other. Once their horoscopes match, the parents decide a propitious time, which is called 'muhurtham', for conducting the engagement as well as wedding ceremony. The custom of muhurtham is performed under the guidance of the family astrologer.

Nischayam (Engagement Ceremony)

After deciding muhurtham, the families of boy and girl gather for the engagement ceremony, which is known as 'Nischayam'. It is a formal event that is conducted to announce the marriage to all the relatives and friends. The Nischayam ceremony is usually held in the ancestral home of the bride but can be organize in banquet halls. The exchange of engagement ring is also a new trend in Malayalee weddings.

Traditional Feast

A day before the wedding, the family of bride serves traditional feast to the parents and relatives of the groom. This pre-wedding ceremony is also conducted with some traditional values such as the bride has to sit in front of the east direction and she takes a traditional five-course vegetarian meal along with her family. After having the palatable feast, both the bride and the groom seek blessings from their relatives and start preparing for the most auspicious occasion of their life i.e. wedding.

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