Malayalee Wedding Day Customs

Malayalee Wedding Day Customs

The wedding in Malayalee tradition is comparatively a short and simple event. The wedding ceremony is usually held in the morning. Malayalee marriage is traditionally conducted in the bride's maternal house but due to the modern trends the marriage can also be conducted at rather a convenient venue for both the families. But the wedding venue should be in proximity to a temple where all the rituals can be performed. Apart from that, some Malayalee couples also opt for having a luxurious wedding at the grand hotel but the wedding rituals and customs would be practiced in simple manner. Nevertheless, given below are the customs that are performed during the Malayalee wedding.


Madhuparkam is the first ritual that is performed during the wedding day. In this ceremony, when the groom along with the Baraat arrives at the bride's home, her father welcome the groom wholeheartedly by washing his feet. After that, the groom presents a white sari to the bride's parents, which the bride has to wear during the wedding. The Madhuparkam ceremony is followed by the actual wedding rituals, which are mentioned below.

Veli or Nuptial Ceremony

The nuptial ceremony in Malayalee wedding is generally referred to as 'Veli'. The bride and groom take rounds of the mandapam and then sit next to each other. During the muhurtham time, the groom knots the mangalsutra, which is known as thaali in Malayalam language, round the neck of bride. The couple exchanged garlands and bouquets to each other under the guidance of the priest. After this ceremony, the bride's father performs the sacred ritual of 'Kanyaadaan' by putting her hand over the hand of groom. Then, the couple takes three rounds of the mandapam and sits once again. The groom puts vermillion on the bride and in reply, the bride applies chandan on his forehead. Once all the rituals are performed, the newly wed couple takes blessings of their parents by touching their feet. A feast is organized by the family of the bride in which the traditional Kerala dishes are being served for the presented guests.

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