Kannada Wedding Day Customs

Kannada Wedding Day Customs

Wedding is the occasion where the two lives becomes one. The dreams of the soon-to-be-wed couple become reality when they chant religious hymns to devote their life to each other. The multi-traditional nature of India makes it a worth place to explore. One of the biggest attractions of the country is weddings. Indian weddings are worldwide popular for their exotic and extravagant features. Kannada weddings are not an exception in this regard. The marriage in Karnataka is the most beautiful illustration of the state's historical traditions. Conceivably, you would like to know more about the Kannada wedding day customs. So go through the given below lines to get idea on such customs.

Mandap Puja & Var Puja

The first ritual that is performed during the wedding day is Mandap Puja in which the mandap and hall are purified to practice all the rituals. Subsequently, the bride's father worships the groom by washing his feet, which is known as Var Puja. Soon after, the bride comes to the mandap and exchanges garlands by chanting religious hymns.

Dhare Herdu Custom

After the mandap and var puja, dhare herdu custom is performed. During this custom, the bride's parents give al the responsibilities of their daughter to the groom and his family. The father of the bride put her hand on to the hand of groom along with coconut and beetle. After that, the parents pour a few drops of holy water on their hands and then the groom knot the mangalsutra around her neck.

Saptapadi Ceremony

At the end of the wedding day rituals, Saptapadi ceremony is conducted at the venue. At the ceremony, the couple takes seven rounds or saat phere around the sacred fire. During the rounds, the couple vows to each other to walk together in the way of life.

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