Kannada Post Wedding Customs

Kannada Post Wedding Customs

The newly wed couple is not allowed to be relaxed from hectic days of wedding. In fact, they have to perform some post wedding customs. Like all the weddings in the country, Kannada weddings too have various post-wedding traditions, which the bride and groom have to be followed. The bride has to perform certain rituals while arriving at her new home, on the other hand, the groom's family want to welcome her with great celebrations. However, all the Kannada post wedding customs are elaborated in the following lines.

Graha Pravesh

Graha Pravesh ceremony is conducted when the bride arrive at her new home for the very first time. The family members and relatives give tremendous welcome to the bride, at the entrance. A kalash or a small jar with rice in it is kept at the entrance which the bride has to kick it with her right foot and then step into the home.

Name Change Ceremony

Name change ceremony is one of those customs which separates Kannada wedding from others. In this ceremony, the groom decides a new name to his wife and marks it on a plate that comprises of rice with a ring. On the next day, bride visits her parental home to seek the blessings of her parents.


After name changing ceremony, the groom's family gifts five saris to the bride. These sarees are presented for different occasions such as Dare Puja, Kanjeevaram, haldi and puja. When the bride comes to her groom's home after the ceremony of graha pravesh, she seated on a sari that will later give to her. On the other hand, the groom wears silk dhoti and pitambar.


After all the home-based ceremonies, the family of the groom arranges a reception party for the friends and other guests. The party is being traditionally conducted to welcome the new bride. The groom's family generally held reception party in the banquet hall, where traditional and palatable dishes of Karnataka are served. Moreover, the music and dance rock the grand reception party.

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