Assamese Wedding Day Customs

Assamese Wedding Day Customs

Wedding in Assamese tradition is always a special occasion. One can find plenty of glimpses of Assamese culture along with exotic celebrations. However, in traditional Assamese language, the ceremony of wedding is referred to as Biya. The programme at the occasion is conducted in simple manner but the enjoyment there can not be matched. Like most of the Indian weddings, Assamese wedding is also comprised of pre-wedding and wedding day customs.

Daiyan Diya

The first wedding day ceremony is conducted in the form of Daiyan diya. It is usually held in the morning of D-Day. During the ceremony, the family of groom presents curd to the home of bride. The bride eats half of the curd and the remaining part is return to the groom's home. At last, both the bride and the groom take ceremonial bath, at there respective homes.

Ceremonial Bath

The Daiyan Diya ceremony is followed by the ceremonial bath. On this ceremony, the bride and the groom's mother visit the nearby river or lake to bring holy water. Later, both the bride and the groom take bath with this holy water, at their respective homes.

Arrival of the Groom

Just few hours prior to the wedding ceremony, the groom along with the procession arrives at the home of the bride. During this ceremony, the groom is not allowed to enter the home until he will pay a heavy amount. The bargaining between the groom and the receiver brings lots of fun for the guests.

Wedding Ceremony

During the wedding, the groom arrives at the bride's home with the procession. At the entrance, the groom is welcomed by the bride's mother and her sister washes the feet of the groom. After that, the bride's brother takes the groom to the mandap. Subsequently, the bride also comes towards the mandap by sitting on the shoulders of her maternal uncle. By meeting at the mandap, the couple exchange garlands and conch shells are blown to mark the ceremony. After that, the groom applies vermillion on the bride's hair partition. At last, the elder members of both the families offer blessings to the couple and the rest wish them for wonderful married life.

Wedding Reception

The last Assamese wedding-day ritual is reception party. Though flexible in nature, the party marks the arrival of the bride at her new home. The groom's family members welcome the bride by throwing such wonderful party.

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