Assamese Pre Wedding Customs

Assamese Pre Wedding Customs

The rituals and customs in an Assamese wedding tradition are unique as well as pleasurable to enjoy. All these are conducted according to the traditional values of Assamese culture. The journey of wedding ceremonies walks its first step at the pre-wedding customs. To kick off new relationship between the two families, the rituals just before the marriage ceremony are very important to be performed. Therefore, this article will throw light on the various features of Assamese pre-wedding customs.

Juran Diya

The pre-wedding ceremony in Assamese tradition starts from the Juran ceremony. The ceremony is conducted two days before the wedding and only participated by female members of the family. During the ceremony, the mother of the groom along with other lady members visits the bride's home. At the entrance, the bride's mother welcomes them with the xhorai, which is a brass plate, roofed with a gamocha.

Tel Diya

Next Assamese pre-wedding custom is Tel Diya. During this ceremony, the mother of the groom puts a ring and betel on her upcoming daughter-in-law's hair parting and pours oil thrice on the betel. After that, the groom's mother applies sindoor or vermillion on the bride's hair partition and gifts her marriage wear including mekhla chadar, which is the traditional Assamese wear.

Pani Tola & Nuani

After performing Tel Diya custom, all the participants gather for Pani Tola ceremony. During this ceremony, the mothers of both the bride and the groom bring holy water to the ceremonial bath of the bride. Later, the bride takes bath of the holy water under the ceremony of Nuani and prepare for the wedding.

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