Maharashtrian Pre Wedding Customs

Maharashtrian Pre Wedding Customs

Maharashtrian wedding is a pompous affair in which everyone has a reason to enjoy. The beautifully decorated venue, attractive look of wedding couple and traditional rituals can be cherished at a time during the Maharashtrian wedding. Talking about the rituals, they begin one or two months prior to the wedding day. The pre-wedding rituals are the indication of new relationship between the two individuals and their families. Hence, following lines illustrate the features of Maharashtrian pre wedding customs.

Sakhar Puda

During the Sakhar puda ceremony, both the families exchange a packet of sugar one or two days prior to the wedding. Thereafter, the parents gift a sari to the bride as the mark of accepting her in their family.


The ceremony of Sakhar Puda is followed by Kelvan ritual. It is a puja that is conducted to worship 'Kuladevta' or the family deity. The custom is conducted at the respective homes of the bride and the groom. After the puja, all the guests are invited to enjoy scrumptious feast.

Simant Puja

During the Simant Puja, the family of groom visits at the bride's home. At her house, the groom's family is warmly welcomed and a special lunch party is prepared for them.

Halad Chadavane

On the occasion of Halad Chadavane, the turmeric powder paste is applied on the body of the couple, at their respective homes. It is assumed that the paste will enhance their beauty for the auspicious occasion.

Seemaan Pooja

The ceremony of Seemaan pooja is conducted just after the groom along with the Baraat arrives at the bride's home. The parents of the bride wash the feet of the groom and present him attractive gifts like watch, ring or jewelry.

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