Maharashtrian Post Wedding Customs

Maharashtrian Post Wedding Customs

The post-wedding rituals in Maharashtrian wedding are simple just like the pre-wedding and wedding day customs. Once completing all the rituals and customs at the wedding day to tie the knot with each other, the couple seeks blessings of their elder family members and relatives. The groom's family involves in great celebrations because a new member will join them i.e. the bride. Given below are the various post-wedding ceremonies, which are practiced in Maharashtrian wedding.

Reception Party

The family of the groom conducts reception party to welcome the bride at their home. All the guests come to the party with attractively dress up. All of them offer blessings to the couple for enjoying happy married life. After that, the guests taste the palatable food arranged by the groom's family.

Changing the Bride's Name

Changing the bride's name is one of the traditional rituals conducting Maharashtrian wedding. During the ceremony, the groom selects his wife's new name in a plate full of rice and chants Om Ganeshay Nama and the Kuldevta's name.


During the Varat ritual, the bride leaves her parental home and says thanks to them for caring since childhood. After that, both the bride and the groom touch the feet of the elder members of the family to get their blessings. Soon after, they sit in a vehicle to go the groom's home.


Once arrive at the groom's home, the bride is welcomed by the groom's family to perform the ceremony of Grihapravesh. At the entrance, the mother of the bride performs aarti of the couple. The bride kick the vessel filled with rice to enter into the house.

Suun Mukh Baghne

The ceremony of Suun Mukh Baghne is a very interesting one. In this custom, the mother the groom looks or baghne at her daughter-in-law's face through the mirror. Subsequently, she combs the hair of her daughter-in-law to mark the beautiful mother-daughter relationship.

Tond Dhune and Vyahi Bhet

After the day of wedding, Tond dhune ritual is performed in which the mother of the groom presents a sari and pearl jewelry to the bride. Meanwhile, the groom's father presents a gift made of silver to him.

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