Hindu Pre Wedding Customs

Hindu Pre Wedding Customs

Hindu weddings are incredibly blended with historical traditions and modernity. The tradition belongs to the several rituals and customs, while the enjoyment and lavishness lead towards the feature of modernity. Each and every ritual has religious significance to the couple, in fact, they are teachings of married life for the bride and the groom. The journey of the Hindu wedding rituals starts well before the big event. Therefore, this article focuses on the several Hindu pre wedding customs.

Engagement Ceremony

The first pre-wedding ceremony is conducted in the form of Engagement ceremony. During this ritual, the bride and the groom exchange rings to each other's hand. The engagement ceremony confirms the relationship between the two individuals and their families.

Tilak Ceremony

During the Tilak ceremony, the brother of the bride applies tilak on the forehead of the groom and presents attractive gifts to him such as watch, jewelry, fruits, sweets and many more.

Sangeet Party

On the day before the wedding, the families of the bride and the groom arrange sangeet party at their respective homes. During the ceremony, the relatives and family members sing wedding songs and dance to charm the party.

Mehendi Ceremony

Wedding is such a special event in everyone's life. The female relatives and guests would like to appear as beautiful as they can. Therefore, the bride and other female members apply mehendi on their hands, according to the Hindu tradition.

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