Hindu Post Wedding Ceremony

Hindu Post Wedding Customs

In Hindu traditions, marriages are the sacred event in which the girl and the boy tie the knot with each other. The pre-wedding rituals mark the beginning of new bond in everyone's life and wedding day rituals help to validate that bond to the whole life. But that's not for all! Hindu wedding also goes beyond to the post-wedding rituals. These customs are considered as important as the previous ones. The Hindu post wedding ceremony is mostly performed in the groom's home. Hence, read this article to gain more knowledge on the post wedding rituals of the Hindu wedding.


After performing all the rituals on the mandap, the elder members of both the families offer blessings or Aashirvad to the newly wed couple. The bride and the groom touch their feet and get their blessings for happy married life.


The ceremony of Bidaai is the most emotional ritual, particularly for the bride. During this custom, she has to leave her parental home with tears in her eyes. The bride says thanks to her parents for taking care since her childhood and on the other hand the parents also bless her for having a wonderful married life.


After the Bidaai ceremony, the bride arrives at the groom's home where she is welcomed wholeheartedly by the family of the groom. She comes as the new member of their family and thus they will want to make it more special by throwing a grand reception party. At the party, the elder members of the groom offer blessings to the couple and enjoy scrumptious feast.

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