Bengali Post Wedding Customs

Bengali Post Wedding Customs

The culture of West Bengal is special in itself that reflected in the auspicious occasion of wedding. As a guest, the event fulfills your dual purposes i.e. to be part of exotic celebrations and take pleasure of affluent rituals and customs. Each and every ritual is so significant for the bride and the groom for having a wonderful married life. Due to this significance, the Bengali wedding rituals have extended from pre-wedding days to the post-wedding days. This article will tell you about the various post wedding customs that used in Bengali wedding.


Bidaai or Vidaai is the first post-wedding ritual that is performed by the bride. During the ceremony, the bride has to leave her parental home and go forever to the home of the groom. On her walk out, she throws rice over her head which her mother collects. This ceremony indicates that the wealth and prosperity would remain same at the bride's parental home even without her.

Basar Ghar

On the occasion of Basar Ghar, the bride arrives at the groom's home after tumbling her feet in a thali consists of Alta and milk. The groom's sister takes her into the house where the bride is gifted with red and ivory bangles along with 'loha' or metal bangle to wear for the lifetime.

Bashi Biye

The ceremony of Bashi Biye is conducted on the next morning of the wedding. During this ritual, the groom applies sindoor or vermilion on the bride's forehead. After that, the just married couple visits the mandap to worship the Sun God under the guidance of a Priest.

Bou Baran

The bride's arrival at the groom's home is welcomed by the ritual of Bou Baran. During the ritual, the female members pour water under the vehicle when the bride and the groom board it. Thereafter, the wife of groom's elder brother takes a plate that comprised of lac dye and milk and kept it under the bride's feet. As the bride enters to the house, her feet are imprinted on the floor. Meanwhile, all the relatives offer blessings to the couple.

Bharan Poshan & Bahubhaat

During the Bharan Poshan custom, the groom presents a plate of sweets along with a saree to the bride to confirm he will take care of her everything. Soon after, the bride prepares a rice dish to perform the ceremony of bahubaat. This custom signals that the bride has become an important of the groom's family.

Kaal Ratri

The ceremony of Kaal Ratri is conducted on the second night after the D-Day. In this ceremony, the bride and the groom are not allowed to look at each other throughout the night.

Dira Gaman

The ritual of Dira gaman is performed when the newly wed couple visits the bride's home for the first time after the auspicious occasion. During this ritual, a thread tied on the wrist of the bride during the wedding is cut and the celebrations and blowing of conch shells is everywhere.

Phool Sajja or Flower Decoration

All the wedding rituals are concluded with phool sajja or flower decoration ceremony in which the bedroom of the couple is decorated with lovely flowers.

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