Bengali Wedding Day Customs

Bengali Wedding Day Customs

In the special occasion like marriage, tying the knot with other is always a memorable event for the wedding couple and wed in Bengali tradition is become more auspicious for them. There are so many rituals and customs performed on the day of wedding and they reflect the true illustration of Bengali tradition and culture. Events like Bengali marriage provide lifetime opportunity to everyone who is presented at the occasion. Its features, ways of rituals, customs remain always in the memory. Hence, this article is also based on the features of various Bengali wedding day customs.

Arrival of the Groom

On the day of wedding, the groom along with the procession or Baraat arrives at the bride's home. The relatives of the bride welcome them with fresh flowers and an elder female member holds the baran dala. At the entrance, the plate is first touched to the forehead of the groom and then to the ground. The plate once again is touched on his forehead and thereafter he is presented by sweets and sherbet. Rosewater is also sprinkled on the groom.

Shubho Drishti

After the arrival of the groom, he is taken towards the direction of mandap. The bride also comes to mandap with sitting on a piri carried by four of her friends. On her reach, the bride hides her eyes with a beetle leaf and later she takes seven rounds of her groom and then sits in front of him. Subsequently, the bride and the groom face each other for the first time during the marriage. This ceremony is usually called as Shubho Drishti custom in Bengali tradition.

Mala Badal Ceremony

In the Mala Badal ritual, the bride and the groom exchange garlands to each other. During this ceremony, the priest regularly chants religious hymns.

Saat Paak & Sampradhan

During the Saat Paak custom, the bride has to sit on piri which is lifted by her brothers. After that, the parents perform Sampradhan ceremony with the bride. Then, the bride takes seven rounds of the groom and marks their new relationship in the life.

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