Pre Wedding Preparations

Pre Wedding Preparations


Marriage, the occasion of lifetime, is the union of two souls along with their families. It is this event where the two cultures met and begin new relationship for the whole life. Organizing the big occasion is not an easy job rather it needs lots of planning that should ensure a perfect event. The preparation for the marriage ceremony needs to be in accordance with the proper planning from 'Sagaai to Vidaai'.

Indian wedding is not just the one day affair. In fact, the rituals and customs start well before the D-Day and stretch even after the wedding ceremony. Talking about the pre-wedding days, the preparations should start one or two months prior to the marriage ceremony. You have to make sure that not even a single thing would miss at the event. What the items are required or what the facilities should be provided to the guest? Such questions can dictate your mind while preparing for the wedding ceremony.

Horoscope, gift wrapping, party favor, the size of the wedding, menu for the event, preparing the list of the guests and staying arrangements for them are such pre wedding preparations that ought to be made by the families. This section will provide you some tips on what the preparations that you can do before the D-Day.

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