Wedding Vows
Wedding vows are crux of Indian Wedding; more exactly it is one of the few things weddings in India are known for. In this ritual bride and the groom completes seven rounds of the holy fire (Agni). According to some Hindu beliefs fire is one of the five elements the human body is made of and hence its sacredness is beyond question. While moving around, the bride and groom also swear wedding vows.

Wedding Vows

In an Indian Wedding, the bride and the groom have to take seven rounds around the holy fire (Agni). The fire is the sacred and the most pious element in every Indian Wedding. This tradition is known as Saat Phere. While taking the seven rounds across the holy fire, the bride and groom take some wedding vows which are very much significant and which have a very deep meaning. Instead of a contract, the proof of marriage in India is the vows taken during the Saat Phere.
About the Vows
With every step, the bride and the groom take a Vow. The Wedding Vows are as follows:

1. On the first round, both of them pray to god that they always get nourishing and good food.

2. On the second step, they pray to God that he may give them physical, mental and the spiritual strength so that they may be able to lead a life that is healthy.

3. With the third step, they pray to the Almighty for a life full of prosperity and preserving of wealth and that they will be with each other at the time of pains and sufferings.

4. On the fourth round, they swear to stay together and attain harmony and happiness by sharing love and trust mutually between them.

5. On the fifth step, the couples pray to have a family of their won and they also pray for the well-being of all the beings of the universe.

6. With second least step, they pray to God that he may give them togetherness forever and help them lead a long and life full of joy.

7. With the seventh step, they pray for companionship, understanding, unity and loyalty with each other.

After the Saat Phere finish off, the man says to his lady that they have created a relationship of friendship with each step and that both of them will try to reach each others friendship. This is the essence of Wedding Vows.

Special Features
The special feature of these wedding vows is that no Indian Marriage is complete without taking vows in the Saat Phere. This is because, as mentioned earlier, there is no bond that is signed between the couple during the marriage, so these wedding vows help the couple form a relationship and make them come together in a bond.
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