Oriya Post Wedding Customs

Oriya Post Wedding Customs

The blissful affair of wedding is now completed and the couple has marked a new journey in their life. Now, for the groom's family, it is the time of celebration and enjoyment as the bride has come to their home. The arrival of the bride at the groom's home is processed with number rituals and traditions. These are called post-wedding customs. In Oriya wedding, the couple has to perform certain rituals even after the D-Day. Given below is the explanation of various post-wedding customs, which are practiced according to the Oriya traditions.


In Orissa traditions, the bride is considered as equivalent to the deity of wealth and prosperity - Goddess Laxmi. Therefore, the family of the groom gives her a warm welcome at the entrance. Besides that, vessel carried rice is kept at the entrance of home which the bride has to kick with her right leg to mark the ceremony of Grihapravesh.

Astha Mangala Custom

On the eighth day after the auspicious occasion of wedding, the newly married couple visits the bride's parental home. At there, the family of the bride serves delicious food items in front of the groom and his family. This ceremony is referred to as the Astha Mangala custom in Oriya tradition.

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