Gujarati Post Wedding Customs

Gujarati Post Wedding Customs

The state of Gujarat has always been popular for prosperous, vivacious and vibrant culture and tradition. The festivals and events according to the Gujarati tradition are an experience in itself. Weddings play a huge part in these celebrations. The rituals and traditions of the Gujarati marriages go way beyond the post-wedding days. The customs after the marriage event are largely performed at the groom's house. To know more about them, read this article that focuses on the Gujarati post wedding customs.


Vidaai is the most emotional ritual which has to be performed by the bride after the wedding ceremony. The bride has to leave her parental home to live forever in the groom's home. The parents of the bride offer best wishes to the bride and happy married life.

Ghar Ni Laxmi

When the bride reaches at the groom's home, she is welcomed by his family. At the entrance, she has to kick a vessel filled with rice with her right foot. This ceremony is considered as Ghar Ni Lakshmi because she is considered equivalent to Goddess Laxmi.

Aeki Beki

Aeki Beki is the wedding game in which a vessel is filled with water colored through sindoor and milk in it. A ring and several coins are place within the vessel. The couple has to find the ring by putting their hands into the vessel and who find the ring first will rule the home.


To making the arrival of the bride more grandeur, the groom's family arranges a reception party. The exotic decoration of the venue, wonderful party wears of the couple and scrumptious feast make the reception party an event of lifetime. Besides that, the elder members offer blessings to the newly wed couple to ensure comfortable and happy married life.

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