Wedding Holidays in India
India is one of the premier destinations for vacations as the country showcase a vibrant socio-cultural environment and an array of tourist attractions. The Indian culture looks at its best during weddings in India. A lot of tourists are opting weddings and holidays together thus starting a trend of Wedding holidays in India. Wedding holiday is a chance to acquaint you with India's great culture and tradition as part of weddings.

Wedding Holidays in India

India has always been an exotic place for vacations and wedding holidays. Foreigners are always keen to get married in the affluent colorful and traditional Indian style. Thus, if the wedding of your dreams means hosting a traditional wedding in India, there are a number of exotic locations and mouth watering cuisines available. You can enjoy the wedding holidays in India traditional entertainers like fire eaters, folk dancers, musicians, snake charmers, grand fireworks and elephant riders with traditional attires. One can also relish the flavors of Indian cuisines.
Types and variations
There are many types of wedding holidays in India. Variation in the weddings differs from place to place. According to Manusmriti, there are eight types of Indian Hindu weddings. They are the Daiva marriage, Brahma marriage, Arsha marriage, Asura marriage, Gandharva marriage, Rakshasa marriage, Paishacha marriage and Prajapatya marriage. Ritual and customs can be subject to variation in different categories of weddings. The wedding holidays in India are diverse with regard to their cultural background and tradition. These are Bengali weddings, Punjabi weddings, Gujarati weddings, Buddhist weddings, Maharashtrian weddings, Kashmiri weddings etc.
Special features
Temples weddings, palace weddings, fort weddings and beach weddings at exotic locations can be counted amongst wedding holidays in India. Mouth-watering cuisines and facilities attract not only Indians but also foreigners. Wedding holidays in India are a cost effective proposition and one can surely enjoy them thoroughly.
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