Celebrity Weddings in India
Celebrities in India enjoy an iconic status with a great fan following worldwide. People wait for days to steal a glimpse of their loved celebrities. Like west, the celebrity wedding in India get highest coverage and often supplies the material for page three columns. It won't be an exaggeration to say various newspapers and magazine are doing thriving business by using celebrity weddings as stuff.

Celebrity Weddings in India

When people talk of celebrity weddings in India, there are a lot of names can be remembered in a jiffy. The newspapers, news channels and other forms of media are busy discussing or covering just one event and that is the marriage of the renowned celebrity couples. Though the news agencies are not short of other pieces of news, they capitalize on the celebrity weddings in India as this is what their viewers want to see.
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The celebrity weddings in India are nothing short of the fairy tale fests. The corporate or the movie stars, who get married, are ready to spend lavishly and it becomes a means of flaunting off their wealth. Full of glamour and glitz, these weddings are truly an extravagant affair. Elaborate and expensive, these weddings are also an emotional affair for the families involved. Many people like to keep it a private affair but many like to celebrate the milestone step in a grand way. These events become talked about affairs because these celebrities have a big fan following who want to catch a glimpse of the celebrity couple. In this way celebrity weddings in India also become social events.

The guest list of the celebrity weddings in India is as important as the couple itself. People of eminence from all over the world are invited to be a part of the mega events that standout as epitomes of splendor and grandeur. Celebrity weddings in India also include weddings of those people who are not residents of India but who get married in India, only because they wish to execute things in a traditional manner. Often these celebrity marriages are carried out in 5 Star hotels or Deluxe resorts, that are specially hired for days together to carry out the various rituals of the marriage.

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