Wedding Locations
Wedding locations are one of the most important aspects of the Indian weddings as a location sets the mood for the weddings. It is why wedding locations are a matter of concern for every couple in India as a good wedding venue increases the joy of weddings manifold. Selecting an ideal location is a prerequisite for the weddings. The couples must think deliberately for selection of a good wedding venue and must consider all its pros and cons. While doing so keep your personal choices and your selected wedding theme into account.

Wedding Locations

A wedding is a brilliant adventure not just for the bride and the groom, but for everyone involved in the wedding. Choosing the right wedding location is one of the most important tasks that need to be considered while preparing for a wedding. The most important factor while choosing a wedding location is of course, the number of guests one expects for the wedding. Banquet halls, community centres, large grounds and parks serve as the great wedding locations or venues. People looking for fashionable and expensive wedding locations, can also choose from the five star hotels and clubs that also make for a perfect venue for a marriage.
Types and variations
There are various wedding locations in India which can make the wedding a special event and add that extra bit that would be remembered by people forever. Venues such as palaces and beaches can be the best option for those who look forward to celebrate their wedding in an unconventional manner. Rajasthan is an ideal place as it has several popular palaces and Goa of course, the best destination for beach weddings.

Unique in terms of beauty and historical background, these venues are being used for several royal weddings. On the other hand, small weddings could be arranged at some of the renowned temples or churches.

Special features
Traditional Indian weddings usually have a pious stage in the centre like the palki for Sikhs and mandap for Hindus. There are certain arrangements also made like floral arrangements, ice sculptures, fountains and fruit carvings, which make the centre table and the centre pieces, look attractive. Balloons, banners and streamers also serve the same purpose. Food stalls or buffets, specially constructed stages for live music and dancing, add a touch of originality to the wedding location or a venue. Even traditional rangoli patterns can also be drawn on the floors to add a special look. Wedding locations should be spacious, clean and well-decorated.
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