Wedding Buffet Tips

Wedding Buffet Tips

A buffet-style wedding reception can be really fabulous and tasty. In fact, it is one of the best ways to offer your guests a variety of foods and other eatables they can choose from.

Carving Station
You can have the option of choosing different sorts of foods that you will like to serve at the reception for a craving station. There are roasted chicken, marinated pork and roast beef. Other varieties of meat can also be included among it. Generally offered during the dinner hour, craving station can also include rolls and various condiments.

Pasta Station
This station is generally included at a buffet-style wedding reception and has at least one or two cooks who would prepare the guest's individual pasta plate. Guests can say what type they would want. Several sauces like Marinara and fettucini would also be on offer. The pasta would also have different toppings sauted with mushrooms or pepper.

Mashed Potato Bar
This bar will allow guests to enjoy their mashed potato in a martini glass. This bar will also not only include mouth watering delicacy but others such as shredded cheeses, sour cream, chives, bacon bits.

Fruits and Cheeses
This is the station where creativity and imagination can exceed all levels of beauty and perfection. Most of the guests would also love to throng this station. Caterers can design the fruits in the shape of a fruit tree. Cheeses as well as crackers can also be included in this station.

Apart from having these stations, there are some general ways on how the tables on which the food are to be kept are arranged. The first thing should be a stack of plates, cutlery and napkins too. The next comes, the buns and butter, the salads, pickles, cold meats, hot vegetables or entrees with the hot meat main course as the very last item. Desserts, tea and coffee come at the very last and a separate table can be assigned for that.

Several long tables strung out in a row are advisable as people standing on both sides can have access to it.

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