Bridal Shoes
Bridal Shoes gives an elegant appearance to the empress of the Indian weddings - the bride. Gone are the days when brides had to choose form the certain options available for them. In post liberalisation era the brides have the options to choose from a plethora of options as choices are many. The shoes prepared for this occasions gives an attractive look to the bride.

Bridal Shoes

In today's modern world, brides wear shoes that are not too different from those worn regularly in parties. However, the bridal shoes used from times immemorial are different from the ones that are used today. They have soft cushion and are medium heeled or generally flat. Satin cloth, silk and sequin work give it a different look altogether.

Bridal shoes generally match the outfit the bride wears. If the bride wears a costume of ivory or white color, the color of shoes is cream, pastel or white. The advent of light colored shoes is conspicuous because they can be re-colored to any other darker shade later and worn for any other festive occasions after marriage.

The bridal shoes should be comfortable. The various pre and post-wedding ceremonies require the bride to walk around. Bridal shoes of ballet slipper type are the most comfortable bridal shoes.

Types of bridal shoes
There are several bridal shoes especially bridal shoes that can be dyed, Ivory Bridal Shoes, Wide Bridal Shoes, Bridal Flip Shoes and Shoe Cushion. There are several leading designers like Coloriffics, Nina, Touch Ups, Colorful Creations and Dyeables that provide dyeable bridal shoes. In case the dress of the bride is stain bottomed, then shoes that will complement the gown are the stain wedding shoes that can be dyed.

There is a wide variety of Ivory Bridal Shoes like wedding pumps, high heeled sling backs, flats, sandals and pointed toe shoes. Bridal shoes vary in size and height and depending on ones need, one can choose from a wide variety of shoes that are available in the market.

Special features
Today the trend in bridal shoes is towards bridal shoes with ribbons. These shoes can be laced around the ankles. It is the very style that plays an important part in attracting people and not the material of the shoe make.
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