Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photos
Weddings are most beautiful moments of ones life and no one can resists the temptation of clicking these moments into the camera so that they can return into the beautiful moments of their wedding. The couples often look for tips for beautiful wedding Photos so that they can preserve these moments for the life. Wedding Photography is an essential part of weddings not only in India but also around the globe.

Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photos

Beautiful wedding photos are an integral part of the wedding. All that remains to remind you of the unblemished moments of joy are your beautiful wedding photos. Wedding Photography is an art that takes years of experience to comprehend. There are no hard and fast rules in Photography and one can experiment with a wide variety of settings, provided the end result is good.
Types and variations
Beautiful wedding photos are commonly said to be the most attractive and demanding elements in a wedding. Wedding Photos are a one chance affair; if it is messed up, there isn't any possibility of retakes.

Wedding Photography is classified in to Photojournalistic wedding photography, traditional wedding photography, artistic wedding photography and mixed style wedding photography. Photo journalistic wedding photographer shoots documentary style photos which are often angled and original. In traditional photography the guests pose before each photo is taken. Artistic photographers are a highly technical and experimental lot and they stretch the extremes of photography. There are a few tips to follow so as to have beautiful wedding photos before hiring a wedding photographer. The most important is if in the event he is unable to make it, will there be a back up guy .Secondly, whether he offers in traditional photography or wedding photo journalism or both. Certain photographers charge extra for taking B&W photos while some do not, which must be clarified.

Special features
There is a growing trend of using filters to evoke a sense of antiquity. There are various photographic techniques to render beautiful wedding photos. B&W photos render a timeless feel to the snaps it is recommended to go for color photographs for the simple reason it's always easier to decolorize a color snap with imaging tools but not vice versa.
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