Wedding Songs
Songs are the vital part of every Indian wedding. These songs are like salts making already enthralling celebration of weddings more interesting. The Indian society has songs for every ritual and these are inherited from the successive generations. These songs increase the joy of weddings manifold. So, enjoy the beauty of wedding song during your dream weddings.

Wedding Songs

There are various wedding songs that are played at the wedding. For different ethnic groups there is a set of particular songs that are sung and played. These wedding songs add to the fun of a wedding ceremony. We are here to guide you to choose the best wedding Songs and make a happening wedding ceremony.
Every tradition has its peculiar songs that are sung. Various songs are sung during the wedding. The wedding songs are really melodious and one can really enjoy it thoroughly. A list of songs in prepared on all the selected songs of groom, bride, and the family members of both side . These enchanting songs further enhance the wedding mood . Wedding is an occasion that is cherished for lifetime by the couple thus the wedding songs should be such so that they add to the beautiful memories of the wedding.

Usually a special pre wedding musical program is arranged. Wedding songs are played at this function. Some people sing and dance at this function. Sometimes a band is also called for to sing various wedding songs at the wedding ceremony. Songs are sung during the wedding keeping in mind the guests as well. Family members sing some wedding songs that are full of humor. Some songs are dedicated to a particular member of the family. The wedding songs are also sung on the wedding day.

Special features
These days there is new trend that is being followed by the people at weddings. DJs are called for and various songs with beats are played for the people to tap their feet. Wedding guests come on the dance floor and perform jigs. The selected songs that are liked by the people are played by the DJ. The wedding songs add to grace of wedding ceremony.
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