Solah Shringar
Solah shringar or sixteen beautifications are considered auspicious for Hindu brides in India meant. Weddings are one of the most important occasions for a girl as it is only important sacraments in which she takes a part. The desire to look beautiful is inherent into human being and this desire grows boundless on the day of weddings. There is a provision of solah shringar in Hindu wedding tradition.

Solah Shringar

Solah Shringar means sixteen types of accessories that enhance a young girl's beauty. The Solah Shringar is mentioned in ancient Vedic Books. Normally, Solah Shringar is done by the bride in her marriage. This is sort of beautification for the bride. The special day in her life is made more memorable with the sixteen types of treatments and ornaments. These sixteen different beauty rituals are done from her head to toe.
Types of Solah Shringar
The Solah Shringar starts with the bride's hair. Her friends and ladies in the family wash her hair. They put on some perfumed oil and decorate her hair with flowers and some beautiful ornaments. Flower in the hair are also one of the sixteen ornaments for bride. Then her face, hands and arms are cleaned with a paste comprising of the turmeric, gram flour and oil. With the application of this paste the bride's face surely starts glowing. After this the bride's forehead is adorned with "Maang Tikka", an ornament that is worn on the hair. Kajal or the black eyeliner is put in her eye to highlight them. After this the face make up is done. In modern days, different make up stuff like lipstick, foundation, toner, eye shadows and blusher are used.

A diamond, pearl or gold ring in the nose and earrings are worn. Mangalsutra, i.e. the auspicious thread is worn around the neck. This is actually tied by the groom during the wedding rituals. Beautiful bangles are worn in hands. In some parts of the country, armlets are also worn as the part of Solah Shringar. Mehendi is drawn on the palms and feet. Heavy silver or golden belts are worn by the bride on her waist. The bride wears toe rings which are normally made up of silver. The bride wears a red colored sari which is most important part of Solah Shringar. Finally the bride puts on red colored powder in between hair separation.

Special Features
The Solah Shringar play a vital part of a bride's make up. They are also the most important part of an Indian wedding.
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