Significance of Mangalsutra
Hindu wedding are ceremonies where two individuals shun all their differences to embark on a new life journey together. This bond of marriage requires a great understanding, promise and love for each other to keep the bond harmless and ever flourishing for the lifetime. These elements give weddings a spiritual touch. There are five signs of marital status of Hindu women and Mangalsutra is one of them, hence Significance of Mangalsutra cant be overruled.

Significance of Mangalsutra

The Mangalsutra is a symbol of a married woman in India. It is basically a yellow colored thread in which black and golden beads are weaved together. It can also be a golden chain with black beads into it. It is similar to the wedding ring is western cultures, and the Mangalsutra is wore by the woman until the death of his husband. It is also the symbol of union of two different people, i.e. the husband and wife. It can also be considered as the husbands promise to his wife to live together. Whatever may be the meaning, but the significance of Mangalsutra is the most vital part of an Indian wedding.
Types of Significance of Mangalsutra
The Mangalsutra is tied by the groom in the brides neck after the Saat Phere ritual. The Mangalsutra is known as the Thali or Maangalyam in South India. The meaning of the word Mangal is auspicious, while the Sutra means the thread further elevating the significance of Mangalsutra.

In South India, the Maangalyam is made up of a yellow thread painted with Turmeric paste. The thread is tied with three knots around the brides neck. In some of the weddings the first knot is tied by the groom, while the remaining two knots are tied by his sister. In North India the Mangalsutra is a golden ornament having black beads and a gold or Diamond pendant in it. The significance of Mangalsutra has remained far fetched instead of the geographical location of its prevalence.

The small black beads are inserted in the Mangalsutra to protect the couple from the evil powers. The pendant consists of two golden or diamond rounds which signify the union of the husband and wife. The Mangalsutra signifies the woman wearing it is married. She will continue to wear that until her husbands death.

Special Features
The significance of Mangalsutra plays a major role in a womans life. After wearing it she is considered as married. This tradition is running through all the generation of Hindus in India. Now-a-days, the trend of wearing Mangalsutra is changing. The form of the holy Sting is also changing. Instead of long golden sting women prefer to wear shorter ones. The pendants are also changing from golden to Diamond. But the significance of Mangalsutra in the Indian Marriages remains the same.
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