Rock And Roll Wedding Theme
Rock and roll wedding Theme is based on the music of 1950's. If both you and your partner have a passion for rock music then rock and roll theme weddings are ideal for you. You have every right to have a rocking marriage. Everything right from the wedding decoration to wedding dcor should have a reflection of rock music or popular music of fifties. For this purpose you may send personalized invitation cards with a picture of guitar or other musical instrument of rock music.

Rock And Roll Wedding Theme

Music is an essential part of most of the wedding ceremonies as it brings melody to the ambience. Rock and roll music is the part music industry for a long time and thus Rock And Roll Wedding Theme is ideal for the music loving couples and others as well. This perfect theme for the most auspicious day of your life reminds you and your guests of 1960's.

The decade of 1960's was the time when rock and roll came into being with a big bang. To design your weddings on the basis of rock and roll of 60's, it is essential to implement the tie-dyed colours of light shade like Pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, and orange.

The next thing is the bridal wear. The ideal bridal wear is a Chantilly lace wedding dress. The size of the dress should be kept short to look suitable with the go-go boots and the pill-box hat that come with the attire. Never forget the pill-box and the gloves. The bride's bouquet should be adorned with chrysanthemums or daisies. The bridesmaids should wear mini-skirts to give it a perfect look for the Rock And Roll Wedding Theme.

The groom and his entourage should be draped in velvety jackets and bell-bottom pants. If they like they can also wear Fringed or beaded vests. The groom can wear a necklace portraying a wooden peace sign.

Special Features
As invitations are one of the prerequisites for the weddings; it must carry the image of a record album cover that was chartbuster of the 60's reflecting the spirit of the Rock And Roll Wedding Theme.
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