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Palace Weddings in Mandawa

Mandawa is a city which is blessed with natural beauty. This is coupled with the vividness of the Havelis and palaces in the city. All this sets the stage for an incomparable wedding location.
The best location in the city, where wedding arrangements are undertaken is the Mandawa Haveli.
Ideal Locations
Mandawa Haveli is one of most ideal location for a wedding in the city. Haveli has all the charm and grace and the place need to create a setting which is appropriate for something as special as someone’s marriage. These things make Palace Wedding in Mandawa an unforgettable experience.
Special features
The Mandawa Haveli in the Mandawa region is the most prestigious and majestic location for the Palace Wedding in Mandawa. The ambience of the fort is set for maintaining comfort, tranquility and understated elegance. Mandawa also retains all armories, historical costumes and canons from the 19th century. The Fort has a large and rare numismatic collection. The city with these unique features is truly different from the others. Palace Wedding in Mandawa will give you the worth for this prestigious occasion in your life. The fort has wide courtyards and sprawling lawns. The terraces of the fort also give an astonishing view of the Nawalgarh fort. The interiors are well furnished with period furniture and the walls are adorned with beautiful paintings and other art work. All these facilities along with the hospitality join hands, making Palace Weddings in Mandawa the most special for a person's life.
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