Muslim Weddings
A Muslim Wedding is solemnised in the presence of the guardians of both bride and grooms. The law abiders and relatives are also present to be witness to these proceedings. Like all other religious communities the Muslim weddings have their own peculiarities. At the time of wedding, the groom has to pay a certain amount of money to the bride. Apart from these there are other aspects which make it more interesting.

Muslim Weddings

A Muslim Wedding is a bond that is created between a man and a woman in the presence of the guardians, law abiders and relatives who act as witnesses. At this time a particular amount of money is decided by the two parties which are to be paid by the groom to the bride at the time of marriage. Though the bride may not be present at the time of forming the contract of the Muslim Wedding, it is necessary to get the documentation done for future use.
Rituals and Customs
The rituals of a Muslim Wedding start with the Mangni in which rings are exchanged. In the Manjha ceremony, the bride is anointed with turmeric paste, provided by the grooms family. On the day of the Muslim wedding a procession, in which the friends and relatives accompany the groom towards the venue of the marriage. The guests are welcomed on arrival with a quencher. The bride and the groom sit in separate rooms during the marriage ceremony of a Muslim Wedding.

The Meher, a particular amount of money that is to be given by the groom to the bride, is decided by the elders from both the sides. A priest, in presence of male witnesses and a distinguished person, asks both the bride and the groom if they are ready to give their consent to the marriage. Then he reads out a selected piece from the holy Koran. The registration of the marriage (nikahnama) is done which is first signed by the groom and two witnesses and then the bride. The Rukhsat ceremony takes place on the next day of marriage when the bride leaves her parents residence and moves on to her husbands place.

The marriage ceremony often takes place in a shamiana, a large tent that is decorated elaborately with flowers. Nowadays there is trend of getting special designer cards and lavish venues for the marriage
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