Marriage Laws in India
India is a country with diverse socio-cultural communities. The country has various laws to safeguard the interest of its inhabitants. Owing to this, the country has number of laws to regulate the marriage and divorce related matters. Needless to say, there are a number of marriage laws in India like; Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Marriage Act and special marriage acts in addition to others.

Marriage Laws in India

India is a country of various diversities like religion, caste, language , language and region. Religion is one of the very important aspects for Indian citizens . It gives primacy to Personal Laws of each religion .As a result each citizen of India has his/her own personal law with regards to Marriage and divorce. Each of these personal laws are unique and different .
Types of Marriage Laws
There are different Marriage laws in India for various religions existing in India . There is a Christian Marriage Act, Muslim Marriage Act, Hindu Marriage Act and for the Parsee it is Marriage and divorce Act. Hindu Marriage Act came into existence in 1955. it provides a condition for the Hindu Marriage where the boy should be 21 years of age and the girl should be 18 years. They should be of the same religion and should not be within the prohibited degree of relationship.

Similarly, the Muslims also have their own Marriage Act where the Marriage is a contract and it can be temporary or permanent Marriage. The Marriage Act also permits four wives for a man if he can equally treat them. According to the Parsee Marriage and Divorce Act of 1939, the Act governs the provision for their Marriage law. Marriage laws in India are also applicable to the Christian Marriage of 1889.

Other related Marriage Laws
People who get married under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 are governed by said Act. There is also Civil Marriage Act or no formal Marriage that comes under the special Marriage Act. In the Special Marriage Act the registration itself it the Actual Marriage ceremony. So being from a particular religion or community does not matter as Marriage laws in India have personal Laws where you can follow any Marriage Act.
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