Hindu Marriage Act
Indian weddings in general are ruled by cultural and traditions, inherited over a long period of time, but that doesnt mean there is an absence of legal procedures to regulate the institution of marriage. As times are changing and traditional marriages are fast giving way to the civil marriage, the legal aspects of weddings have become all the more important. With a majority of population being Hindu, the importance of Hindu marriage act has increased many times.

Hindu Marriage Act

There are a number of people in India who are unsure regarding the laws that are associated with marriage. One should remember to register their marriage, as there are personal laws that govern Marriage Acts according to ones religion. TheH indu Marriage Act first came into power on 18th May in the year 1955. The act governs all the Hindu marriages. Any individual who belongs to the Hindu community should register his marriage according to the Hindu Marriage Act.

About Hindu Marriage Laws
The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 brought about various important changes to the marriage law to the subject prevailing earlier. There is a provision under the Marriage Act that says any person who is a Hindu in religion is applicable for the Hindu Marriage Act. The act can also be applicable to Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. The law also says that the groom must be at least 21 years of age and the bride to be 18 years to legally get married.

The law states that both the couples should be Hindu by religion and should not be within the relationship of prohibited degree. The couple should not be subject to regular attacks of epilepsy or insanity. The couple should not be a victim of mental disorder nor should they be unfit for marriage. In the ancient marriage law it permitted polygamy but the recent Hindu Marriage Act prohibits it.

Points to consider
Child marriage that existed in the early days is totally vanished according to the Hindu Marriage Act. The dowry system that was largely practiced in the early days is also prohibited under the Marriage Act. The Hindu Marriage Act also governs divorces and prohibits relationships that do not have a registered marriage under the act.
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