Honeymoon in Andamans
The exotic island redefines the pleasure of honeymoon in Andaman. The island which is home to the aquamarine and lined with sparkling silver sandy beaches is perfect abode giving much desired privacy. It is one of the places which give a chance to indulge in various recreational activities like Sunbathe, swim and dive. As a part of honeymoon couples can relax under palm fringes as the gentle sea breeze whispering romantic hymns in your ears.

Honeymoon in Andamans

Land with the perfect natural beauty, the Andamans is the most sought after destination for people. A honeymoon in Andamans gives you a perfect opportunity to combine yourself with nature and reinforce the spirit of love. A group of 572 islands, Andamans is a glowing gem in the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. It is located at a distance of 1190 kilometers from the mainland.
Perfect Honeymoon Destination- Andamans
A dream destination for the newly married couples, the Andamans with its exotic silvery beaches and marine life welcomes its guests with open arms. One can swim, sunbathe, dive and relax on the beaches of this picturesque island under the clusters of palm trees. A variety of adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing awaits you at the beaches of Andamans. Surfing and para sailing are the most popular past times of the tourists in the island that takes you to a paradise you have never imagined of. A honeymoon in Andamans can prove to be a gift for a lifetime
Special features
Traditional earrings, necklaces and waistbands made of sea shells are a perfect for your beloved. A contrast to the deep seas is the paddy fields, silver sands and the special sands found in the mainland. Take pleasure in the traditional dances of the local population while relaxing on the beaches under the clear sky by a bonfire. All these exotic things make the honeymoon in Andamans really special. Taste the special delicacies like papayas and pineapples of the Islands and gorge on local seafood delicacies prepared in traditional style. Trek through the dense forests and enjoy the views of the rich flora and fauna. Speedboat rides and snorkeling are specially arranged for guests. Enjoy your honeymoon in Andamans to the fullest with all these adventurous activities.
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