Indian Wedding Groom's Horse

Indian Wedding Groom's Horse


Unlike other grooms across the world who arrives at the place of wedding ceremony in a car or a limo, the Indian traditional way for the coming the man of the hour is by riding on a splendid horse. Elephants are also sometimes used in other region of the country especially in the south.

The traditional Hindu wedding does sets aside the marriage ceremony unique on its own rights. With accompanying traditional Indian music, and friends and other relatives dancing to the beat and the rhythm of the song, the splendid image it gives is marvelous and amazing.

Besides the numerous rites and rituals that are performed before the wedding, there is another fascinating ceremony that needs to be taken up. No doubt, it has its own importance but people outside the Hindu community do not have much knowledge of it. But its observance is all necessary and part of the great Indian Wedding.

On the wedding day after the groom has been aptly readied for heading to the bridal home, the "Ghori (mare)" ceremony is performed. In the ceremony, the groom mounts on the back of a mare while the female members of the family offer the mare to eat something in exchange for which they can ask money from the groom who is related to them from very close quarters.

Horses are decorated in very rich and colorful embellished saddle to match the groom who himself is draped in colorful attire of traditional dresses. In fact, the assumption is that the horse takes pride of being in service to the wedding groom when he is on his way to complete the final portion of his marriage ceremony.

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