Indian Groom Suits

Indian Groom Suits


Times have changed when the bride was the sole observant of the onlookers and the guests. Grooms no longer lags behind the brides and are dressed specifically to match the bride in terms of appearance.

Today the Indian groom is no different from the Indian bride in his attention to detail regarding the clothes he will be wearing on his very special day. The traditional, ethnic Indian groom's wear includes the sherwani, jodhpuri suit and kurta pyjama. You can also see some grooms dressed in the western corporate suit.

The sherwani remains one of the most classic of Indian garments designed for the groom. The length of this traditional wear is around 110 centimeters with the collar band of being 3 or 4 cm long.

Another of the popular men's wear is the Achkan whose length reaches the knees and has long sleeves. This north Indian outfit is paired along with churidars, a tightly fit trouser.

Then, there is the Kurta Pajama that has two separate garments – a Kurta which is a loose shirt that reaches below the knees and a lightweight drawstring trouser that is adorned with plenty of embellishment in the form of golden or silver thread embroidery.

Next on the list is the Jodhpuri Suit which is a blend of Indian and Western wear. It also comprises of a coat that has a Nehru coat opened in the front.

Last but not the least of the popular wear is the western outfit. It consists of a suit that is generally black in color. Its appeal is further improved with matching formal shoes, gold or diamond cufflinks, tie pins and brooches. A watch can give complete look to the whole appearance for those who prefers this western style.

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