Groom Shoes
Groom Shoes are parts of the wedding accessories as it gives an elegant and impressive touch to the grooms personality. Various rituals are attached with the groom shoes. One such ritual is stealing the shoes by the brides sisters. The sisters of the bride demands a hefty sum of money to return the shoes and the groom has no choice but to bargain and give the said amount to get the shoes.

Groom Shoes

Groom Shoes are the one of the important accessories for the wedding dress. The type of shoe depends on the type of outfit that is worn by the groom. For a suit, a formal shoe will look better. While if the outfit is a typical traditional Indian wear, then the Groom Shoes should be equally traditional.
Types of Groom Shoes
The groom typically wears two types of outfits for the wedding. The formal suit goes well with the formal shoes. The Groom Shoes in formal wear are available in black, brown and olive green colors. According to the color of the suit, the Groom Shoes are to be chosen. The formal shoes are also available in two types: the one that can be tied with the shoe lace and the other that are slip-in ones. Boots also look smart on the formal wear. The most likely color that is chosen is black. But some other colors like brown, darkest shade of maroon and bottle green also look elegant in footwear.

A traditional wear such as Kurtas, Sherwani, and Salwar or Dhoti needs a traditional Groom Shoes. For these outfits Mojaris look fabulous. These slip in Groom Shoes come in variety of designs and colors. The Mojaris are generally handcrafted. They are decorated with colorful beads, gems and Zari work. These kinds of Mojaris look elegant and exotic. One can choose the matching color and design for the shoe with the outfit.

Special Features
As the footwear is the most important part of the accessories of the grooms outfit, the pair of shoes should be chosen thoughtfully. If needed the shoes with high heel should be worn for the perfect personality. The perfectly matching shoes add the more style statement in the grooms attire.
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