Indian Groom Dance

Indian Groom Dance


The westernization and the influence of the American and European culture have made much inroad in every sphere and reach of the world. India as a rapidly growing economy is witnessing a change in the approach towards its age old traditions and conventions. Much is true about the great Indian wedding as well.

In the last few years, a unique amalgamation of both the tradition and the modern is being seen. Though the ceremonies are more or less conducted as demanded by the Hindu customs and rituals, the aftermath celebrations that happen are inspired by the modern wedding style of the West.

Receptions are increasingly influenced by the Western culture. Apart from the food and other items, dancing by both the bride and the groom is becoming more significant and customary. The newly weds are supposed to dance under the soft flow of instrumental music.

Thus, the ability to dance has become significant and the unspoken wish is to perform well as all the guests would be focused on the steps of the groom and the bride. With eyes fixed, a groom has to dance to impress, although it is not a prerequisite compulsory stuff. There won't be laughing at your skills or more precisely your inability to dance.

However, a groom can awe the guests with unexpected moves. For that, the groom has to start a month or two before the actual wedding. The first thing is to enroll for a dance course. With an instructor teaching you the basics and how to practice, in no time the groom will achieve an impressive level.

Only an hour practice will attune the groom to be confident and help in relaxing at the prospect of dancing when the actual time of test that is on the day of the reception of the wedding comes.

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