Indian Grooms Boutonniere

Indian Grooms Boutonniere


Groom wears his boutonniere on the left lapel, nearest to his heart. Boutonnieres are meant to be added as stylish item in the overall appearance of the groom dressed up in a western suit with complete formal set.

Boutonnieres are generally a single blossom such as a rosebud, stephanotis, freesia or a miniature carnation. It is to be understood that a groom should use two rosebuds or a sprig of baby's breath to differentiate himself from other groomsmen when in a wedding party or something. A small cluster of flowers instead of a single bloom is a much better option for the groom's boutonniere.

However, there are no fast rules and restrictions that certain things are to be followed or otherwise. The options are virtually unlimited and one can create new stuffs on his own to start a new fashion trend or something.

Last but not the least it is wise to know any special meaning flowers represents. For instance, red rose has been a symbol of true love, while stephanotis is happiness in marriage and orange colors is purity and a reflection of eternal love. As such, be aware of the flowers meaning less it give a negative connotations on the special day.

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