Bridal Shoes
Bridal Shoes are an integral part of the bridal wear. In recent years the bridal shoes has added a lot of glamour due to jumping of big business players in the fray. The shoes meant for the brides differ a lot from what used in former times, as these shoes have added a new styles that are result of year long research making it more user friendly.

Bridal Shoes

These days it is hard to differentiate between bridal shoes and the shoes commonly worn at parities and events. The bridal shoes used before are not like what the brides use today. These bridal shoes are delicately made using soft cushion and are medium heeled or flat to give those special moments an elegant touch. These shoes are finely made with Satin cloth, silk and sequin work to give it an extra-ordinary look.

Bridal shoes normally match the apparel of the bridal wears. If the colour of the bridal wear is ivory or white, the colour of shoes will be cream, pastel or white. The induction of light colours in shoes has changed the prospect for better as these shoes can be re-coloured to any colour of choice and can be used after completion of wedding ceremonies.

The most salient feature of the bridal shoes is that, it should be comfortable to bride's feet. The numerous pre and post-wedding rituals needs brides to move around. For such occasions Bridal shoes of ballet slipper type are most suitable.

Types of bridal shoes
There can be numerous varieties of bridal shoes, to name a few; dyed-able bridal shoes, Ivory Bridal Shoes, Wide Bridal Shoes, Bridal Flip Shoes and Shoe Cushion. There are a number of celebrated designers like Coloriffics, Nina, Touch Ups, Colorful Creations and Dyeables that designs dyed-able bridal shoes. If the brides costume is stain bottomed, and then shoes matching the gown should be the stain wedding shoes which can be dyed later.

There is a large range of Ivory Bridal Shoes; wedding pumps, high heeled sling backs, flats, sandals and pointed toe shoes. Bridal shoes differ in size and height according to bride's requirements, the brides can choose from the number of options available.

Special Features
The new trend in bridal shoes is bridal shoes with ribbons. The brides can tie these around the ankles. After all style matters most when it comes to the attracting people, the materials used are secondary.
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