Bridal Mehendi
Indian weddings are known for a large number of interesting rituals, customs and traditions. The weddings are most sacred affairs a bride performs in her life time. In the vast list of wedding rituals the bridal mehendi has its own significance. The bride- to- be applies the henna powder on her palms and wrists. This ritual has great significance in Indian weddings. Now there are very artistic ways to apply henna or bridal mehendi.

Bridal Mehendi

With the very thought of the bridal mehendi, one's minds is filed up with the designs and colors that one gets to see on the palms, hands, legs and feet of the bride. Bridal mehendi forms an integral part of the Hindu marriage customs. The reddish-brown color of the Mehendi is held as auspicious and is supposed to bring good luck to the family of the groom. It is said that darker the color of the Mehendi, better is the relation between the bride and the groom or the bride and her mother-in-law. In many castes, the Mehendi ceremony cannot be carried out if the mother-in law has not applied it on the bride's palms.
Types of Bridal Mehendi
The lovely red hue of bridal mehendi that we see on a bride's palms, wrist, arms, feet and legs is brought by applying Mehendi paste with the help of a cone. Many designs and forms of Mehendi are in vogue nowadays, though it was not so in the yester years. Pakistani, Mehendi, Arabic Mehendi, traditional Mehendi are the forms that are done only with the Mehendi paste. Latest trends of bridal mehendi include tattoo Mehendi, chemical Mehendi, stone Mehendi, sparkle Mehendi, etc. In these forms of Mehendi other things such as tattoos, sparkles, stones etc are added with the traditional designs to give a designer look to the Mehendi. Zardosi Mehendi, nail paint Mehendi and poster color Mehendi are also a finding a way into bridal mehendi and are becoming more popular day by day.
Special Features
Mehendi is not only special for the bride, but it also adds to the charm of the ambience. In many communities, it is applied on the hands of the groom. No Hindu wedding is complete without the Mehendi.
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