Indian Bridal Jewelry

Indian Bridal Jewelry

Indian Bridal Jewelry

In an Indian wedding, jewelry is an integral element in the overall beauty of an Indian bride. Jewelry meant a lot for the bride because it puts extra glare on her prettiness. There is general trend in India to wear yellow gold jewelry in the wedding. But this has changed nowadays with white gold, diamond jewelry platinum and silver, which are preferred by those people having a nice budget. Indian bridal jewelry may differ according to the regional feature where the wedding is taking place. If you are an upcoming bride, then add more glare to your jewelry by putting precious stones on them such as emerald, amethyst, ruby, jade, pearl, and garnet.

Jewelry Items for Indian Bride

Here are some jewelry items that add more charm in the beauty of Indian bride:

Bracelet is a beautiful part of Indian bridal jewelry that shines in her wrist majestically. It would look very attractive when it is being wear with finger rings on the other hand.

Crystal Set
As an Indian bride, look for crystal wedding jewelry, which is finely crafted with sparkling and multi-faceted rhinestones. To get more sparkle into your jewelry, you can add hand-wired swarovski crystals.

The makeup of a bride would remain incomplete if she not wears matching earrings. While selecting earrings keep in mind the color and style of your wedding dress.

Jhoomar is also one of the important parts of Indian Bridal jewelry. You can choose jhoomar decorated with multi colored polki, beads and hanging green crystal.

Toe Ring (Bichhua)
In India, particularly the north India, Toe Ring or Bichhua forms an important part of the Indian Bridal jewelry. It is generally available in silver. Bichhua illustrates the recognition of a married woman and is worn in pairs only.

Finger Rings (Anguthi)
Besides the engagement ring, Indian bride also wears one or more gold and diamond rings in the other fingers. For the bride, it is a compulsory jewelry that ought to be worn by her.

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