Bridal Bangles
Bridal bangles are an essential part of the bridal accessory as tinkling of bangles is often considered as an attribute of the Indian bride. Various legends and stories are attached with bangles. The bridal bangles are inspirations behind various motion pictures. Even in the modern times the bridal bangles have not lost its significance and remain essential part of the Indian weddings.

Bridal Bangles

Bridal bangles are an important element in the fashion armory of Indian women. Bridal bangles are essential in a bride's treasure chest of ornaments. When an Indian woman gets married it is imperative she wears certain ornaments, and bangles are an integral part.

Bridal bangles are an essential part of Indian weddings. Bangles are usually worn in pairs. One or more on each hand is worn and thus, a single bangle is rarely sold. In many Indian communities the amount and quality of bangles worn by the bride is a barometer for the families pride and prestige. In the marriages of traditional communities, a lot of care is given to the bangles worn by the bride. The bridal bangles signify the status of the families involved.

Types of Bridal Bangles
Bridal bangles are made of numerous precious or non-precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, ferrous materials and plastic. Indian women prefer wearing either gold or glass bangles or both in combination. At traditional events like marriages, engagements and anniversaries women wear gold or silver bangles. The rich normally wear bangles studded with diamonds. These days some bridal bangles are specially designed for the bride keeping in with the families' specific traditions.

Gold bangles are popular among many Indian brides. They range from plain and simple to extremely artistic and complex. They are often studded with precious stones like diamonds, gems and pearls.

Special Features
These days with modernization touching every aspect of our lives, even bridal bangles are feeling the heat. Heavy bangles or traditional bangles of iron and steel are losing popularity. More and more Indian women are trying out lighter material. Bangles made of glass are the popular still but bridal bangles made of plastic are picking up sales.
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