Bridal Accessories
The day of wedding is fast approaching and you have not yet decided for bridal accessories as options are many and it is hard to make a choice. So choose your bridal accessories carefully to avoid regretting your choice when you see your wedding photograph or wedding videos years after the wedding has concluded. With meticulous choice of accessories you can glitter on your big day.

Bridal Accessories

It is important to get all the types of bridal accessories in her trousseau. The quantity and the quality depend upon the buyer. The accessories are a must as any garment in the trousseau is incomplete without them. One should be careful while buying bridal accessories so that they match with the dresses in the trousseau. The basic accessories are shoes, bags (purses or handbags) and of course jewellery.
Types of Bridal Accessories
First and foremost are the shoes. Various options are available in the market to choose from. But the most important feature, which is often neglected, is the comfort. Designer shoes are available with small or high heels, which are beautifully decorated with beads, stones or colorful straps. Nowadays, platform's and flat heels are in vogue. They can also be found in geometrical designs. The next bridal accessories are the bags. Crochet bags or knitted bags workout well with the bridal dress. The other types of bridal bags are long, strapped ones, small sleek ones or just stylish depending upon the taste. It would be better to get bags of neutral colors so that they match with the dresses. Bridal accessories are incomplete without the jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, amulets, kamarbandhs, anklets, nosepins, maangtikas, finger rings pendants, etc are the different types of Indian jewellery that a bride can purchase.
Special Features
Ladies love wearing diamonds and they are an essential part of the bridal accessories. Similarly in shoes silver stilettos are the latest trend. Leather, jute and cloth bags embellished with stones are finding their way in to a bride's trousseau nowadays.
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