Romantic Wedding Theme
A romantic wedding theme is ideal for tying the knots with love of your life. Romantic wedding theme can be of various kinds and if planned properly it is able to set the right mood for the weddings. Everything right from bridal gown to wedding accessories and pandal to wedding music can reflect your chosen romantic wedding theme should. These Themes are ideal as romance is the essence of marriage.

Romantic Wedding Theme

A romantic wedding theme is an icing on the cake of marriage. To give a proper platform to this Theme every thing should be arranged to fit the chosen theme in a romantic way. Everything from the bridal trousseau to accessories should be planned in a rather romantic way. The bridal gown should be beautiful designed to impart a romantic appeal. The bridal attire should be the choice of the bride herself.

Your weddings will be decorated by a large volume of roses and pale floral colours. No brilliant colours should be used; all colours should be light and beautiful. A romantic wedding theme is marked by the flower petals hurled all along the surface and left over the tabletops. Large, white satin bows should be joined to the backs of seats and decorated across the different poles.

To give romantic theme a new definition there should be an abundance of candles all over with gentle soft lighting. Candles should be the centrepieces enclosed by gorgeous, tiny white rose petals. Candles also make good ambience for the wedding ceremony guests. The couples can select from the more divergent options for Romantic Wedding Theme. You must avoid the extremely bright colours to make your romantic weddings an everlasting experience.

Special Features
If you like a truly romantic wedding theme you may think about the Romeo and Juliet or Laila and Majnu wedding ceremony themes. They are superb ways to arrange a phenomenal ceremony. Themes like Romeo and Juliet or Laila and Majnu wedding ceremony give you a romantic feel of the bygone era.
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