Retro theme wedding

Retro Theme wedding

Retro theme weddings remain the most unique form of wedding. It is a celebration of the past in a modern way with new touch. One of the best and most advisable steps to recreate the magic of the gone days is to flip the magazines of the past to see the fashion and the trends of those past periods.

One can start setting the mood of the desired retro theme with the distribution of the wedding invitations that reveals the theme that you have chosen for your wedding. It is easy to create customized designs to serve as invitations card.

For recreating the era of the 60's one can use paper stock in the pastel colors that were popular then or one can choose to go all-out and have tie dyed invitations. Designs of flowers can be printed on the invitations itself.

The idea is to let the guests give a fair idea on the wedding style that is being planned and to aware them.

See what was the top trend and fashions of the retro period that you are planning to organize. For an early 60's look, a cocktail dress or Jackie Kennedy-style sheath with a white pillbox hat and a netted veil is quite considerable.

Other than this, one can browse shopping websites and eBay to choose and select fitting period bridal wear, including decorating items and other inspirational wedding ideas.

A conventional wedding cake can be substituted with tasty, frosting-topped cupcakes for a change. Colorful cupcakes can do what generally traditional and conventional wedding cake.

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