Post Wedding Preparations

Post Wedding Preparations


Marriage in India is an event that has no match. Its celebrations along with traditional rituals make the occasion a lifetime experience for everyone. The center stage of the event is the bride and the groom where they devote precious future to each other. The long journey of rituals and customs make wedding days hectic for the hosts but at the same time they are the real features of Indian weddings. Apart from that, marriages in India are divided into three categories - pre wedding, wedding and post wedding customs.

Talking about the post-wedding customs, they are mostly conducted in the groom's home. After completing all the marriage rituals, the bride comes at the home of her husband where she is welcomed by her in-laws. Once performing all the rituals at the entrance, the couple plays wedding games and the groom's family conducted a grand reception party. For such post-wedding customs, the preparations have to be done with keeping certain things into consideration.

The post wedding preparations belong to car decor for doli, post wedding games, decorating the groom's house, reception venue, caterers, reception dress for bride and the groom, reception decoration and photography and videography. You can arrange all such things through your own or can take help of various wedding planners in India. This section will tell you about how to prepare for the post-wedding ceremonies.

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