Buddhist Pre Wedding Customs

Buddhist Pre Wedding Customs

Buddhist wedding is just a simple affair where there are no compulsory rules and regulations. The whole marriage ceremony is treated as social or religious event. The bride and the groom can decide about the pattern of their marriage i.e. either registered or conducted in licensed Buddhist temples. Moreover, there is no particular need of monks or any other spiritual priest. But the families usually take advice of the priests before starting any new relationship. Therefore, the pre-wedding ceremony such as Horoscope matching and chessian betrothal ceremony takes place in Buddhist tradition.

Horoscope Matching

The very first ritual conducted in Buddhist marriage is matching the horoscope. This ceremony has great importance and has been performed with due respect. Soon after matching the horoscope, the family of the groom decides an appropriate date of proposing the wedding after consulting with the lama.

Chessian Betrothal Ceremony

After the ceremony of horoscope matching, the families of both the bride and the groom gather for Chessian Betrothal ceremony. During this ceremony, the maternal uncle of the bride is seated on a raised platform. Meanwhile, the priest performs prayers and offers 'madyan', which is a holy drink, to everybody. Thereafter, the families of bride and groom decide the wedding date with the consent of the astrologer.

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