Marwari Post Wedding Customs

Marwari Post Wedding Customs

Marwari wedding customs are not restricted to just pre-wedding or wedding day customs. In fact, the rituals are also extended after the D-Day. The marriages in Marwari tradition are luxurious in nature and thus the post-wedding rituals are conducted in grand style. For the groom family, it is the zenith time of their celebrations as the new bride has come to their home as a new member. This article will focus on the various post-wedding customs, which are conducted in Marwari weddings.


In the Bidai/Vidaai ceremony, the bride says thanks to the parents for caring her from the childhood and then she leaves for her new home. During the ceremony, a coconut is kept under the wheel of the car on which the bride will go to her groom's home. On this moment, the groom presents a jewelry gift to his better half.

Grihapravesh Custom

Once the bride along with the groom arrives at his home, she is welcomed wholeheartedly by the groom's family relatives. This ritual is generally known as 'Grihapravesh'. After that, the family members along with the couple play various games and enjoy the lifetime moments.

Pagelagni Tradition

After the ceremony of Grihapravesh ceremony, the groom's family and the bride prepare for the Pagelagni tradition. During this ritual, the face of the bride is covered with veil which later show to the bridegroom's family members. At the end, all the family members offer attractive gifts to the bride and bless the couple with good wishes.

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