Getting Married in India
Getting married in India is a thrilling experience - thanks to its cultural diversity which is a host of various traditions and customs. The culture of India becomes explicit in various wedding rituals and customs. Owing to this the country receives a large number of couples willing to get married on the Indian soil including a large number of NRI's and foreigners.

Getting Married in India

Getting married in India can be really interesting due to its vast cultural diversity. It would be an experience the vast variety of choice of rituals of Indian marriage. Acclaimed all over the world for its diversity and colorful marriages, India isn't just confined to Hindu Marriages only but has spread its span to al contemporary weddings also.
The weddings in India emphasize upon the values of harmony, happiness and growth. Getting married in India, in a way, means getting married according to the Vedas. According to the Vedas, the marriage ceremony is supposed to be held in the brighter half of the day. The essence of a Hindu Marriage lies in the rituals, hymns, flowers, jewellery, costume, marriage songs and prevalent happiness. It is a nice experience for a girl who is getting married in India. Before the marriage, her hands and feet are decorated with 'mehendi'. On the day of the wedding, the bodies of both the bride and the groom are anointed with oils, sandalwood paste and turmeric. The 'mandap', where the marriage ceremony is performed, is decorated with flowers and the bride and the groom are married in the presence of fire that acts as witness. The marriage ceremony involves a lot of rituals, each of which have their own significance. All of the rituals a Hindu Marriage have their rot in the Vedic traditions.
Getting married in India would mean a whole lot of fun for both parties. The marriage entourage or the 'barat' of the groom goes to the place of the bride to get married. All the expenses of the marriage are borne by the bride's side. Another good feature of getting married in India is that one gets to wear the traditional Indian dresses that are really beautiful.
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